Breaking news flash: The NJ Nets still suck

The Nets must be desperate for attendance.  Last week, they offered a deal to my fellow employees and me for heavily discounted tickets to their Wed Dec 17th game against the Utah Jazz.  How discounted?  $8, boys and girls. 

Normally, I don’t have the time for this on a weeknight, but my friend/colleague Raj started organizing for a bunch of us to go.  I asked my wife, but she gave me a “No thank you” but she said I could go, and she would watch the little young’ns. 

I ended up going with these guys to the game after work.  The nosebleed seats that we got weren’t all that great (upper level), but for $8, you can’t really complain.  I don’t quite agree that my hot dog, bag o’ chips, and a plastic cup of beer should cost $12, but that’s life.

Nets vs Jazz

Nets vs Jazz

Raj — thanks for organizing a night out.

Nums — thanks for making the sacrifice.

Nets — thanks for blowing a 22 point lead and losing against the Jazz 103-92 in a home game.  Pathetic. I’d go back to rooting for the NY Knicks, but meh.

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