And the weather outside is frightful….

I think this is our first official inclement weather day for central NJ in 2008.  That may not be accurate, as I don’t quite remember the weather we had in early 2008, but a bad memory can often be as comforting as a warm blanket.  Would it be better if I said the first official inclement weather day this winter?  Yeah, that’s better.  Let me start again.

Today is our first official inclement weather day this winter.  I don’t know about any winter storms ripping into the Northeast, but it certainly qualifies as crappy out there.  Wet snow, sleet, and cold.  I’m working from home today, as there was a warning that the daycare my kids attend may close early today.  Sure enough, I got the call that they’re closing at 4pm. 

I’m currently taking my lunch break a little late, and stopped by the nearby Toyota dealership to get the first oil change and tire rotation for the Highlander.  I used to take the old Honda to the nearby Exxon station for oil changes, and for all the other thousands of dollars worth of repairs that I got done.  My wife makes the joke that the Indian Exxon station owner can be seen wearing a fur coat, fedora, gold chains, and smoking a cigar while counting all his money from fixing my car.  I pictured it, and while I thought it was funny, I don’t quite think in hindsight they performed the best diagnosis for my car, especially for the engine troubles.

In addition, with all the computerized sensors and such in the Highlander, I don’t feel comfortable at this early stage taking the car to the local mechanic.  I thought I would try the local Toyota Service Dept instead.  Geez, this place is fancy.  Nice lounge, free wifi, and available computer workstations to surf.  Next time, I’ll bring my laptop so I can still get my work done.  Pricing for the oil change is about average — $31, which is what I’ve been paying at all the mechanics around town.  For $11 more, I’m getting the tires rotated.

Nothing much planned for this weekend.  We still haven’t put the Christmas tree up yet, so I think we better get our butts in gear.  We rented A Charlie Brown Christmas through Netflix, and I think we’re watching it with Joshua tonight.  My sister and brother-in-law may come over on Sunday.  I’ve been sick for the past week, and I think I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I haven’t taken any cold medication, as I’m making it through sheer force of will.  And swear by the Eye of Thundera, I will do it.

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