2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

You gotta admit that the music is pretty good.  I liked the chapter 9 (“Pink Planet”) segment especially, because I found the synchronized dancers in the background hypnotic.  Also, they featured The Ting Tings song “That’s Not My Name”, and I think the The Ting Tings write catchy songs.

If you’re interested knowing the names of any of the other songs or the performers, check out VSHOLIC.com.  I have to hand it to those creative types who handle all the designing, organizing, choreography, etc, etc, for this kind of stuff.  Us technology geeks could never begin to envision a show like this, on this kind of scale.

Below is the entire show, so feel free to hit the BACK and NEXT controls to skip ahead to any chapter.  I love the Internet.  BTW, anyone else catch Martha Stewart in the audience?  Who wants to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with your mom?

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