A reunion among friends in Congers

I’ve mentioned that I joined Facebook a few months ago.  Similar to Friendster, but there’s more interaction and activity on a daily basis.  I’ll tell you the best part.  I’ve been using it to get in touch with my elementary school friends and classmates from over 20 years ago.  Turns out, a number of them in Rockland still get together every month or so.  This past Friday, I drove the 90 mins to meet up with some of them.

I found it to be an amazing experience.  Back then, not everyone got along all the time, and we all had our circles of friends, but you all knew each other over the years, since there were basically only two classes per grade.  Seeing these folks 20 years later, all the cliques and growing-up-awkwardness was over, and we simply enjoyed each other’s company, with some reminiscing, and catching up.  Someone does graphic design, someone is in the film industry special effects world, another does work with youth for the county.

We met up at Rick’s Club American restaurant and bar, which I’ve always wanted to go to, but we never did in the 20 years we lived in Congers.  Close to closing, some of us drove down to Nyack to the Black Bear Saloon, to meet some more folks.  By the time I got home, it was 5:30am.

Thanks to Pete and Shalimar for arranging.  Let me know the next time we’re getting together.

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