We’ve had our first casualty

Last night after work, I picked up the kids, and we came home to find one of our guppies floating upside down.  Our first casualty.  Without letting Joshua notice, I scooped the little guy out, and flushed it down the toilet.  Doug was right — don’t start naming the fish.  We haven’t named them, so hopefully Josh won’t notice that there are now only 7 fish in the tank, not 8.  I’ve unofficially named one “Scuba Steve”, as he’s always chillin’ on the aquarium floor like he died or something.  I figure he’s not all that bright.

I’m working from home today so that I can get my car fixed…. again.  This time, it’s the driver’s side window.  It’s been acting up the past two months, and won’t always close.  Last Wednesday, I was at Wendy’s for lunch, and I opened the window to get my meal.  Leaving the drive-thru, the window won’t close all the way.  I was supposed to take it this week to the mechanic, but I haven’t had time with my travels to Philadelphia.  I’ve used my wife’s car, and she’s driving mine with the window open (she parks in an indoor garage.)  In the evenings, I put up trash bags to cover the open window.  Earlier this week, I heard that my father-in-law came outside to inspect my car while my wife and kids were at their house one evening.  He allegedly shook his head, and recommended that we donate the car to good will.  Does no one have faith in this car to make it another mile?

The new Apple iPhone 3GThe new iPhone releases today.  I won’t get it, since I’m doing so well with my Blackberry Curve.  The Curve has to be the best phone I’ve ever owned.  Slim, smart, and excellent quality all around.  I do like the iPhone, but I already have the iPod Touch, and I’ve read how the iPhones require charging once a day.  Hmmm, that’s not fun.  Maybe I’ll get an iPhone in the future, but not anytime soon.  I’m good right now.

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