Upgrading my PC

Keeping in mind that there is a snowball’s chance in hell of my wife approving another of my crazy schemes this year, I’m thinking about upgrading my home PC.  It’s been three years sinc we got the Dell in March 2005, but I feel it’s about time for some cleaning up.  I’m absolutely considering a fresh install of Windows XP (I’m ruling out Microsoft Vista on the advice of about, oh, the 1,000 people I’ve spoken to.)

I also started down the slippery slope of, “Hmmm, what else should I upgrade?”  Adding 1 Gb of Crucial extra memory would cost me $29, which is pretty good.  Adding 2 Gb more would cost me $50.  Cheap.  Since I’m in there, about how a new Nvidia 8800 GT video card?  That’s only $203.  Before I install a new video card, I need more power.  A Dell Dimension 8400-compatible power supply unit — a 500w PSU would cost me only $109.

A little over $300 would get me faster and better, which is pretty good.  In the end, with a newer faster PC, I could run Vista (one day) with a future monster widescreen 30′ LCD monitor. The challenge is figuring out precisely when the slippery slope morphed into a dangerous precipice.

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2 Responses to Upgrading my PC

  1. jimboy says:

    don’t buy the 8800gt. That is way too much for that card. The 9800gt cards are around that price online.

    as for your power supply, that is also pretty pricey. if you are going to spend that much on a power supply, make sure you get a modular one. They are worth it. there are some here (http://www.xoxide.com/moposu.html) for less than what you want to pay. also you don’t have to get one specifically for dell. all the connectors are the same. if you do plan on getting a 8800/9800, make sure you get a power supply that can power those cards as well.

    as for vista, i don’t see why so many people dump on it so much. yea, it has issues. but i use it as my primary os now, and i haven’t had many problems with it. with every new os, there are going to be problems with it. i say at least give it a try and make your own judgement.

  2. Joel says:

    Wow, you’re right. I can get the 9800 GTX for under $200 at Amazon.com, though what I’m reading on the Nvidia site is telling me that I need a PCI Express 2.0 slot, which my motherboard doesn’t support. I’ll have to look into this.

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