I can’t believe I signed up with Facebook

Yes, it’s true.  I actually started using Facebook this past month, but I want to explain that I am not using all that crap in Facebook.  I’m not poking, nudging, or writing things on people’s walls.  Well, I don’t think I’ve done that yet.  I’m not installing any apps on my phone, uploading photos or other media, or playing Scrabble (wait, no one is doing that anymore.)



I have this website, and posting videos, photos, life, etc, is where I want to do it.  A lot of people I know are using Facebook, so it’s been a good way to see what people are doing.  With family and work life keeping me busy, all those pictures keep me somewhat in the loop.

I still exist on Friendster, but I’m thinking of shutting it down.  I stopped using it, and I don’t think anyone else still uses it.  I never did that Orkut thing, though I heard it’s big in Brazil (good for the Brazilians.)  I got signed up with Plaxo Pulse, but I’m not sure the point of it.  LinkedIn is good for me, as I maintain a professional presence.

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