Here fishy fishy fishy…..

Doug and Kathy came over for dinner and brought the fish tank and all the paraphernalia.  We are now the proud owners of 8 freshwater guppies and other assorted fish, plus a fish tank and stand, etc.  It’s sitting in our living room now.  The last time I had fish, I was 3 years old, and living with my parents in an apartment in the Bronx.  As my parents tell the story, I went into the fish tank, and put all of the fish onto the floor to play with them.  We never had fish again.

Kathy & Doug over for dinner Our fish aquarium

Joshua is 3, and is very excited to have the fish.  So excited, he keeps trying to put his hands into the fish tank.  Why do I feel as if history will soon be repeating itself with the latest generation of Ipes?

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