And then there were two….

The carnage continues. Concerned about the imminent loss of our four remaining fish, I hit the local Petco during my lunch hour.  I called Doug, and he walked me through purchasing a pH/ammonia/nitrite/nitrate testing kit, and this stuff called Stress Zyme to battle nitrites.  When I got home tonight, I found two little guppies were lying on the bottom of the tank.  Two fish left, and one of the remaining guppies was swimming vertical, and slowing sinking backwards to the bottom.

I did the testing, and turns out the nitrites were at 5ppm, which is very high.  It appears that I’m overfeeding the fish, and the uneaten food is polluting the aquarium.  With Doug’s guidance on the phone, I emptied 5 gallons of water out, replaced it with new water, cleaned the tank, and added Stress Zyme.  Our two little survivors are zipping along, and surprisingly appear healthier and happier.  This weekend if we have time, I’m going to pick up some live plants and snails, and a little decorative aquarium doohickies.  The plants and snails will do some cleaning organically, and a sunken battleship will spice up the tank.

Anyone looking for a fabulous flat-panel tv?  The Samsung LN52A550 is on sale, and I’ve been told by an actual set owner that it is a quality product.  In addition, looks like the economic downturn is creating gluts in HDTV inventories, forcing retailers to initiate price drops.Yee haw.

The teaser trailer for Terminator Salvation has been released, starring Christian Bale.

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