Sunday, June 8th 2008

We finally finished watching Good Night, and Good Luck starring an all-star cast — David Strathairn, George Clooney, Jeff Daniels, Robert Downey Jr, etc. It was a little slow, but a decent movie.

Did I mention that our gas stove arrived early? Yeah, it did, but the dilemma is that we don’t have a gas line in the kitchen, so we’re in the process of having plumbers come to the house to price out the work effort. We also need to submit work permits to the township to get approved for the work. From my discussions with the township, we’re looking at a couple of weeks until the permits are reviewed and potentially approved. For the moment, the new gas range is sitting ingloriously in our dining room for the forseeable future. Sigh.

Thankfully, the new dishwasher and range hood have no prerequisites, and will be installed next week.

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