Sunday, June 1st 2008

So tired. This past weekend was busy, to say the least. First off, it was “the Mancation.” My friends Doug, Paul, and Sean, and I traveled to NYC for a weekend in the city to hang out with each other again. We stayed at The New Yorker hotel down on 8th Ave and 34th St. Friday night after work, I drove out to meet them in the city.

Saturday morning, Nums and I (and the kids) drove to south Jersey for my sister Julie and Robbie’s housewarming. Later Saturday evening, I drove back to the city to meet up with the guys again. We had steaks at Gallagher’s on West 52nd st. After dinner, we proceed to Greenwich Village for a traditional pub crawl. Around 4am, we called it night, and I stayed over at the hotel.

Sunday at noon, we checked out and headed up to midtown to have lunch at the Carnegie Deli, and try to take Sean to see Grand Central Terminal for the first time. There was a “Israel at 60” parade, so the streets were packed, and I couldn’t get parking. I was about to park in a garage on 54th when I got rear-ended by someone in a Jeep Cherokee. My bumper got all messed up, and I was depressed. We exchanged information, I parked in the garage, and met up with these guys for lunch. We couldn’t make it into Carnegie Deli because of the wait, so we ate at the Stage Deli. Uh, I like pastrami as much as the next guy, but $15 pastrami sandwiches? Are they out of their minds?

In the afternoon, we dropped Doug at Penn Station, and I drove Paul and Sean back to our house to see Josh and Lily. In the evening, I drove them to Newark Airport to catch their flight back to Michigan.

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