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New equipment – new Vizio TV, Tivo Roamio Plus, TV stand, and moving furniture around

New stuff for the house! With Thanksgiving coming up, and the Philadelphia Eagles playing the Dallas Cowgirls, err, Cowboys, on Thanksgiving Day, and people hanging out all day, we thought now would be a good time to get a 2nd … Continue reading

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Ripping Blu-rays and making my own digital copies

Last month, I discovered an dissatisfying truth about the digital copies that consumers often get with their home video home video purchases — you know, when you purchase a blu-ray, DVD, digital copy combo pack. Those digital copies provide you … Continue reading

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Setting up and using the Tivo Premiere

For Christmas this year, my wife bought me/us the relatively new Tivo Premiere. The Premiere is basically the Series 4 model, and was released in March/April 2010. It sports newer hardware and software, especially HD tuners and screens. We’re not new … Continue reading

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Molly Wood interviews TiVo CEO Tom Rogers

CNet Executive Editor Molly Wood (one of my favorite tech journalists) interviewed TiVo CEO Tom Rogers. The 22-minute interview is embedded below, but Rogers didn’t go into too many specifics. There apparently will be a DirecTV model, as Rogers stated the … Continue reading

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Engadget: Ten years of Tivo

Seriously, Tivo has been around for 10 years now.  Of course, I’ve only had Tivo since May 2004.  I liked our original Series 2 Tivo back in 2004, because it was so different and advanced (compared to my VCR.)   Two … Continue reading

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