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Sanjay Marries Mamta! Film at 11!
April 19th 2003

Aw. Our little Sanjay is (finally) growing up. He took the big step, and got married to Mamta. The wedding was at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, Long Island, which I must admit was a pretty swanky place.

Friends/04192003_001.jpg (19628 bytes)
Friends/04192003_002.jpg (54167 bytes)
Friends/04192003_004.jpg (34238 bytes)
Friends/04192003_006.jpg (35376 bytes)
Friends/04192003_007.jpg (36283 bytes)
Num did an awesome job wrapping the gift. [You wouldn't even know it was a blender!]
Sanjay and Mamta, about to walk around a dangerous fire!
How we look, if you were sitting on my lap, and really really tiny.
Sorry, Sanjay. I got bored during the ceremony. Nothing personal.
Vib: "A rash? Where? Kenar, I'm just going to move my seat..."
Friends/04192003_008.jpg (52891 bytes)
Friends/04192003_010.jpg (44836 bytes)
Friends/04192003_012.jpg (36720 bytes)
Friends/04192003_013.jpg (38693 bytes)
Friends/04192003_014.jpg (38665 bytes)
Nice reception hall.
The greatest table in the world...Table 21
Chirag, Kanika, Kenar
Megha and my secret lover Neil
Neil giving a nice short speech.
Friends/04192003_016.jpg (39005 bytes)
Friends/04192003_018.jpg (32561 bytes)
Friends/04192003_019.jpg (37147 bytes)
Friends/04192003_022.jpg (31985 bytes)
Friends/04192003_023.jpg (37761 bytes)
When does the food start? It's, like, 11pm.
Ravi and Reshma, got married last year. [like 7 days of parties.]
Myself, Chirag, Kanika. Still waiting for dinner.
Joel and Kenar, not sitting in a tree.
Joel and Num, looking for that elusive tree. [Isn't she hot?]
Friends/04192003_025.jpg (18341 bytes)
Friends/04192003_026.jpg (35892 bytes)
Friends/04192003_032.jpg (42464 bytes)
Friends/04192003_028.jpg (38820 bytes)
Friends/04192003_029.jpg (44908 bytes)
The dessert tables came with sparklers. Nice.
After a few drinks, Vinay found the tree.
The Pimp and his mol
Sanjay and Mamta, all married now.
What's a wedding without a conga line?
Friends/04192003_033.jpg (39753 bytes)
Friends/04192003_031.jpg (39777 bytes)
Kanika and Kenar
And that's the evening! Goodnight everybody!


Jerry Weds Mini in Some Sort of Divine Bliss
June 21st 2003

Another one bites the dust, because the wedding season is in full gear. My next wedding this year was Jerry Philip. He had 700 guests, which is pretty big, even for an Indian wedding. That's okay. I just don't understand why the DJ played a 50 Cent song while the bridal party entered the reception hall.

Friends/06212003_001.jpg (19598 bytes)
Friends/06212003_002.jpg (16268 bytes)
Friends/06212003_003.jpg (17133 bytes)
Friends/06212003_004.jpg (18812 bytes)
Friends/06212003_005.jpg (36421 bytes)
A little bored during the ceremony, so we took pictures with our cameras. NAUGHTY!
The ladies love a man who have a big umbrella
Jerry and Mini
Saji and Betsy
Future mother-in-law. How'd she end up in the pew in front of us? Was it fate, or just a crowded church?
Friends/06212003_006.jpg (40655 bytes)
Friends/06212003_007.jpg (49744 bytes)
Friends/06212003_008.jpg (51638 bytes)
Friends/06212003_009.jpg (39160 bytes)
Friends/06212003_010.jpg (30450 bytes)
Saji and his nice new camera. Show off.
The church, with the choir recessing
A newly minted married couple
It's us!
The wrong way to kiss
Friends/06212003_011.jpg (41948 bytes)
Friends/06212003_012.jpg (58995 bytes)
Friends/06212003_013.jpg (50371 bytes)
Friends/06212003_014.jpg (46957 bytes)
Friends/06212003_015.jpg (39856 bytes)
Feby obviously likes the girls
Sandy, Sandhya, Lina
Lina, Sherina, Lisa
Tom and Mary
What a sweetie - it's Sofia
Friends/06212003_016.jpg (52901 bytes)
Friends/06212003_017.jpg (36459 bytes)
Friends/06212003_018.jpg (49485 bytes)
Friends/06212003_019.jpg (38487 bytes)
Friends/06212003_020.jpg (40239 bytes)
Sherina and Sandhya
Saji and I
["Hurry up already."]
Not sure what's going on here, since Sandhya took the camera
Sandhya and Jerry
Joel and Nisha, who just got married last month
Friends/06212003_021.jpg (43686 bytes)
Friends/06212003_022.jpg (46756 bytes)
Friends/06212003_023.jpg (40741 bytes)
Friends/06212003_024.jpg (46360 bytes)
Obviously, Num has the hots for Feby behind my back
Some chick, Jenny, and Num
Love is in the air!
Congrats, and good luck!


Engagement Party: The Sequel
June 28th 2003

Who said sequels have to suck? Since my parents invited all their friends to our engagement, but we still wanted to have a decent celebration, we began arranging for a party that night. After a number of calls, we reserved a room at K Lounge on 52nd St between 5th & 6th. We started at 9pm, and we had over 60 people show up. Yeah, pretty darn amazing, and it was awesome to have our friends come out to celebrate with us. I don't remember too much, but I got home around 3-something.

This is the first batch, with contributions already made by the illustrious Chirag Shah, and plenty more donated by the always imitated, never duplicated, Saji Abraham.

Friends/06282003b_001.jpg (34485 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_002.jpg (58421 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_003.jpg (42651 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_004.jpg (26681 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_005.jpg (38732 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_032.jpg (19272 bytes)
The reverse Oreo: Gary, me, Doug
Kenar and Chirag in the macho gazebo
Samira, Bijal, Julie, Roxanne (she kept closing her eyes, and I gave up)
The lovebirds
Sunny, Anju, their friends
Finally, a normal picture
Friends/06282003b_006.jpg (40653 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_008.jpg (35469 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_009.jpg (33220 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_010.jpg (62194 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_012.jpg (52972 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_033.jpg (22967 bytes)
Roxanne be chillin'
Priyanka and Plexy, discussing Plato
Sunil! (someone experimenting with black & white, I guess)
So much happening!
Rohan and I, appreciating all things ultra-swank
Ah yes, the "Too Many Drinks" phenomenon
Friends/06282003b_013.jpg (34117 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_014.jpg (49724 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_015.jpg (39253 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_016.jpg (35030 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_017.jpg (16998 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_034.jpg (20527 bytes)
Why are there so many pictures of me? Anyway, Rox and I
Always something intelligent comin' out of my mouth, right?
Num chillin' with Kenar and Chirag
Plex and Num, and the ever-popular gazebo
People can't get enough of us
Teena and Num
Friends/06282003b_018.jpg (44631 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_019.jpg (50183 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_020.jpg (18912 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_021.jpg (39974 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_022.jpg (34455 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_035.jpg (18251 bytes)
Kenar and Neil, (btw, Neil likes it up the butt
Julie, Megha, Kenar
The guys: me, Neil, Kenar, Chirag
I think Gary pinched my butt for all the wrong reasons
Shirin, me, Sudeep
Julie and Sandhya
Friends/06282003b_023.jpg (48838 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_024.jpg (66997 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_025.jpg (50358 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_026.jpg (30908 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_027.jpg (44154 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_036.jpg (22782 bytes)
Finally, people who like to dance show up
Shireen and Sandhya
Julie and Samira
I don't know who took the picture, but don't say I don't provide gratuitous butt shots
Spending some quality time with the Eggman, Mr. Vijay
Plexy, Vijay, Julie, Teena, Anil
Friends/06282003b_028.jpg (30580 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_029.jpg (39396 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_030.jpg (20931 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_031.jpg (40052 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_037.jpg (21273 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_038.jpg (17117 bytes)
Anil, who flew from Detroit for the party
Sorry, but we have the best time together
2am, toasted, and the hot girls like me. Alright!
Why can't I resist making stupid faces? Seriously.
Roxanne and Saji
Sunil, Doug, sexy me
Friends/06282003b_039.jpg (21929 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_040.jpg (18182 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_041.jpg (20363 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_042.jpg (14158 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_048.jpg (48833 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_044.jpg (23833 bytes)
Saji and Teena
Saji and Sandhya
Saji sister!?!
Aw yeah, baby
Let's guess who's hammered, and who isn't
Saji and Lesh
Friends/06282003b_045.jpg (23893 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_046.jpg (21126 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_047.jpg (52271 bytes)
Friends/06282003b_011.jpg (45424 bytes)
Saji, Lesh, RoseAnn, Ashley, Vijay
Kevin, Sandhya, Shireen
People having a good time? Alright!
Sunil, rent a room!


It Sure Is Marriage Season: Harish and Cynthia Get Married
June 29th 2003

It's nice for people to be getting married, but it's getting kinda on the expensive side, with all the gifts and all. In any case, congrats to Harish (Babu) and Cynthia. They got married in New Brunswick (I like them short and sweet, like my men), and the reception was held at Akbar in Edison, NJ.

Friends/06292003_002.jpg (61749 bytes)
Friends/06292003_003.jpg (55551 bytes)
Friends/06292003_004.jpg (67554 bytes)
Friends/06292003_005.jpg (57853 bytes)
Friends/06292003_006.jpg (74035 bytes)
Friends/06292003_007.jpg (70696 bytes)
Harish, waiting for the big entrance
Hey, she's finally here
Anju and Num
Hey, you gotta see this aunty in the sunglasses
Photographer vs Photographer
Sunny and Num
Friends/06292003_008.jpg (73287 bytes)
Friends/06292003_009.jpg (37113 bytes)
Friends/06292003_010.jpg (66549 bytes)
Friends/06292003_011.jpg (41567 bytes)
Friends/06292003_012.jpg (35486 bytes)
Friends/06292003_013.jpg (39223 bytes)
We're just waiting to go to the reception
I haven't seen John in 6 years, since I went to U@Albany
Nice cake, but the photographer knocked it over later
Tabitha and Anjali (Divya's daughter)
Gotta love those cheeks
Garland crazy
Friends/06292003_014.jpg (32303 bytes)
Friends/06292003_015.jpg (42606 bytes)
Friends/06292003_016.jpg (43873 bytes)
Friends/06292003_017.jpg (46058 bytes)
Friends/06292003_018.jpg (57009 bytes)
Friends/06292003_019.jpg (42238 bytes)
Shanta auntie and her "kids"
For my next trick, I'll turn into a lemur
That's us
For our next trick, we'll turn into Siegfeld and Roy
For my next trick, I'll make my head really really small
Sunny and Anju with Divya and Vinu
Friends/06292003_020.jpg (54264 bytes)
Friends/06292003_001.jpg (56772 bytes)
Friends/06292003_021.jpg (43404 bytes)
Matt, Tabitha, and Shanta auntie
With the bride and groom
Posing with Andy (Cynthia's brother)


A Long Saturday
August 23rd 2003

A trip to NYC for church, a party at Plexy's and Lesh's, and back in the city that night for some birthday parties. Long day.

Friends/08232003_005.jpg (59039 bytes)
Friends/08232003_006.jpg (61513 bytes)
Friends/08232003_007.jpg (70088 bytes)
Friends/08232003_008.jpg (53992 bytes)
Friends/08232003_009.jpg (103730 bytes)
Friends/08232003_010.jpg (86605 bytes)
Friends/08232003_011.jpg (75234 bytes)
Friends/08232003_012.jpg (53800 bytes)
Friends/08232003_013.jpg (53109 bytes)
Friends/08232003_014.jpg (62349 bytes)
Friends/08232003_015.jpg (79244 bytes)
Friends/08232003_016.jpg (57850 bytes)
Friends/08232003_017.jpg (55059 bytes)
Friends/08232003_018.jpg (48820 bytes)
Friends/08232003_019.jpg (51777 bytes)
Friends/08232003_020.jpg (42928 bytes)
Friends/08232003_021.jpg (50478 bytes)
Friends/08232003_022.jpg (48618 bytes)
Friends/08232003_023.jpg (37073 bytes)
Friends/08232003_024.jpg (38138 bytes)
Friends/08232003_025.jpg (52758 bytes)
Friends/08232003_026.jpg (48626 bytes)
Friends/08232003_027.jpg (46415 bytes)
Friends/08232003_028.jpg (44038 bytes)
Friends/08232003_029.jpg (35413 bytes)
Friends/08232003_030.jpg (35958 bytes)
Friends/08232003_031.jpg (37404 bytes)
Friends/08232003_032.jpg (32096 bytes)
Friends/08232003_033.jpg (38310 bytes)
Friends/08232003_034.jpg (57137 bytes)


A Cherickel Event
January 31st 2004

The new Cherickels are back from India, duly married. Here's their latest reception for friends and family here.

Friends/01312004_001.jpg (46680 bytes)
Friends/01312004_002.jpg (68207 bytes)
Friends/01312004_003.jpg (52561 bytes)
Friends/01312004_004.jpg (39656 bytes)
Friends/01312004_005.jpg (39763 bytes)
Friends/01312004_006.jpg (42993 bytes)
Ranjith and one of his speeches
The crowd
The crowd
Their dance
still dancing
Serving dinner? Nope, still dancing
Friends/01312004_007.jpg (46260 bytes)
Friends/01312004_008.jpg (32326 bytes)
Friends/01312004_010.jpg (35768 bytes)
Friends/01312004_009.jpg (48635 bytes)
Friends/01312004_011.jpg (51095 bytes)
Friends/01312004_012.jpg (40602 bytes)
Now everyone!
Aaah, cake that I never ate
How trite (and sugary)
The fun/pretty people
Another angle of the fun/pretty people
Ahh, two of the prettiest girls @ the reception