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07.01.1995 - 12.31.2000

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Joint Youth Retreat
July 1995

Check out what I dug up. Way back when, our CSI youth groups used to have regional 3 day retreats for just youth. Here was the first one I ever attended, and it was pretty fun.

Church/YouthRetreat0795_001.jpg (33859 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_002.jpg (40239 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_003.jpg (36813 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_004.jpg (60664 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_005.jpg (62417 bytes)
You know they can't resist a camera
Jay and George
Jay, George, Leena, Sibi, Roxanne
The women
The men
Church/YouthRetreat0795_006.jpg (48607 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_007.jpg (49815 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_008.jpg (50905 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_009.jpg (60468 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_010.jpg (46888 bytes)
Man, just so young
Is that Michael Tharian?
Saji, Rohan, Rox, Sherina, Julie [Did Saji have peanut butter?]
Ah, "We vill now have the Bible Quiss"
Manoj, hard at work
Church/YouthRetreat0795_011.jpg (39855 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_012.jpg (27034 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_013.jpg (62569 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_015.jpg (48319 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_016.jpg (48858 bytes)
Always popular with the ladies
Sexy in a life jacket--who knew?
Julie, sporting water safety chic
Sibi and Anil
Church/YouthRetreat0795_017.jpg (63928 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_018.jpg (43959 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_019.jpg (38091 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_020.jpg (36239 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_021.jpg (64489 bytes)
"Are you kidding?"
Rox, you da best
Sonia, always happy to wear inflatable clothing
You know, I have nothing really funny to say here. Sorry
Sunita and moi
Church/YouthRetreat0795_023.jpg (39464 bytes)
Church/YouthRetreat0795_024.jpg (51767 bytes)
Rohan, good Joel, Sibi, bad Joel
Obligatory group shot


Family Retreat
July 2000

Just three quick pictures from my church's family retreat.

Church/FamilyRetreat072000_001.jpg (46469 bytes)
Church/FamilyRetreat072000_002.jpg (27504 bytes)
Church/FamilyRetreat072000_003.jpg (76388 bytes)
The entire church
The youth
Some of youth singing


CSI Family & Youth Conference
August 2000

Pictures from the 2000 CSI Family & Youth Conference in Pigeon Forge, TN.

Church/FYConference082000_001.jpg (41391 bytes)
Church/FYConference082000_002.jpg (54024 bytes)
Church/FYConference082000_003.jpg (44168 bytes)
Church/FYConference082000_004.jpg (41307 bytes)
Church/FYConference082000_005.jpg (67566 bytes)
Julie, Ajo, Feby, Abey, me
Oh, fun in our PJ's.
Feby, Ajo, me, Abey
Hanging out between sessions
The conference is so fun
Church/FYConference082000_006.jpg (74033 bytes)
Church/FYConference082000_007.jpg (61808 bytes)
Church/FYConference082000_008.jpg (52402 bytes)
Church/FYConference082000_009.jpg (51926 bytes)
Church/FYConference082000_010.jpg (88807 bytes)
Miniature golf professionals. Please stand back!
Julie and her mini-golf team. Bring it on!
Another successful inter-church activity
Justin doing some sight-seeing
Last picture before leaving good old Pigeon Forge, TN
Church/FYConference082000_011.jpg (43180 bytes)
Church/FYConference082000_012.jpg (45667 bytes)
Church/FYConference082000_013.jpg (57413 bytes)
Our church's attendees
Feby is way too popular: Nisha, Leena, Num, Feby
Sonia, Sunil, Feby, and Abey saying goodbye


All Praises Due
November 11th 2000

My old church youth group organized a talent show on November 11th, 2000. It was a big event, and lots of youth participated. I was actually co-emcee for the night. Anyway, I found these on my computer, so I thought I should add them here.

Church/APD112000_001.jpg (48576 bytes)
Church/APD112000_002.jpg (59871 bytes)
Church/APD112000_003.jpg (51217 bytes)
Church/APD112000_004.jpg (67497 bytes)
Church/APD112000_005.jpg (54582 bytes)
Rev. Jacob Chacko
Rev. Thomas Ninan giving the address
A play performed by Emmanuel CSI youth
Presenters Ann Mathew and Deepthi Kurian, CSI Congregation of Hudson Valley
Hudson Valley play (Justin Cherian, Manju Sebastian, Feby Philip)
Church/APD112000_006.jpg (56067 bytes)
Church/APD112000_007.jpg (51481 bytes)
Church/APD112000_008.jpg (50984 bytes)
Church/APD112000_009.jpg (44481 bytes)
Church/APD112000_010.jpg (60685 bytes)
Hudson Valley play (Justin Cherian, Ajo Cherian)
Hudson Valley play (Abey Mathew, Manju Sebastian)
Hudson Valley play finale
Sabu, CSI Christ Church, Philadelphia
CSI Christ Church, Rockland youth fellowship group song
Church/APD112000_011.jpg (52677 bytes)
Church/APD112000_012.jpg (64251 bytes)
Church/APD112000_021.jpg (49031 bytes)
Church/APD112000_013.jpg (58633 bytes)
Church/APD112000_018.jpg (49140 bytes)
St. Paul's & Resurrection group song (Namita David, Pradeep Varghese, Pratheesh Daniel, Sheryline Ingersoll)
Presenters Betsey Varkey and Feby Philip, CSI Congregation of Hudson Valley
Hudson Valley play
CSI Malayalam Congregation of Greater NY youth fellowship group song
CSI Jubilee Memorial Church youth fellowship group song
Church/APD112000_022.jpg (40503 bytes)
Church/APD112000_014.jpg (42698 bytes)
Church/APD112000_016.jpg (50113 bytes)
Church/APD112000_015.jpg (64014 bytes)
Church/APD112000_019.jpg (55788 bytes)
Step Dance, St. Paul's & Resurrection
Fashion Show (Joel Ipe, Sheena Joseph, Julie Ipe)
Fashion Show (Justin Cherian, Manju Sebastian, Joel Ipe)
Fashion Show (Julie Ipe, Manju Sebastian)
Fashion Show (Jeffrey Eapen, Namita David, Pravin Matthew)
Church/APD112000_020.jpg (44313 bytes)
Church/APD112000_017.jpg (65834 bytes)
Church/APD112000_024.jpg (38052 bytes)
Church/APD112000_025.jpg (160070 bytes)
Church/APD112000_026.jpg (33785 bytes)
Fashion Show (Layla Thumby, Maya Sebastian)
Fashion Show (Sunil John, Asha John)
Ajo Cherian, Sandya Philip
Namita, Anup, Sunil, Lesh, Pradeep, Beena, Sandhya
Sunil John, Asha John
Church/APD112000_027.jpg (34411 bytes)
Church/APD112000_023.jpg (29131 bytes)
Church/APD112000_028.jpg (40569 bytes)
Church/APD112000_029.jpg (37795 bytes)
Sandhya Philip, Beena George, Sheryline Ingersoll
The Emcees for the evening, 
myself and Blessy
Lenu, Roshni, Blessy, Julie
My sister and I.  We're the best Ipes