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Canoe Trip
July 1998

Doug and I went canoeing (or really, rafting) with his friends. This is my first time, back in '98.  This is the Delaware River.  That's Doug.

Friends/Canoe98_001.jpg (56709 bytes)      Friends/Canoe98_002.jpg (52434 bytes)

Kenar's Surprise Birthday Party
March 2000

Kenar's surprise birthday party that turned out to be no surprise at all since some people parked their cars in the front of the restaurant. Oh well, at least I got to eat some good 'ol Indian food at Jewel of India. Ah, I miss my Mom's cooking already.
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[left to right]
Avani, Meetu, and Tejas
Me and Kenar, stylin.
Avani and Meetu
Friends/Kenarbd2000_005.jpg (53852 bytes)
Friends/Kenarbd2000_006.jpg (53839 bytes)
Friends/Kenarbd2000_007.jpg (60742 bytes)
Friends/Kenarbd2000_009.jpg (55582 bytes)
Kedar [in black] thinks he's funny
Yes, vegan and non-vegan cakes
[left to right]
Meetu, Avani, Kedar, Shephali
[clockwise around the table, starting on the left.] 
Neil, Sanjay, Vib, Chirag, Ravi
Friends/Kenarbd2000_010.jpg (55802 bytes)

Friends/Kenarbd2000_008.jpg (58757 bytes)

[clockwise around the table, starting on the left.] Kanika, Reshma, Sharon, Kenar, Sarayu

What was so funny is that some moron walked
right in front of the camera, or so we thought.

Leena & Sanjay's Wedding
August 25th 2001

Leena is pretty happy, and I'm glad. I had to attend the wedding, since she's the oldest friend that I still keep in contact with. I usually hate everyone after awhile.

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July 9th 2002

Lesh got the notion that we should see Cabaret on Broadway. I didn't really plan to ever see Cabaret, or for that matter, John Stamos in drag. So, I was proved right...and wrong. I was right that you should be open to new experiences (Cabaret was in fact pretty good.) I was wrong to think it was automatically not worth seeing before actually seeing it. Hope that made sense. In any case, it was good and worth the $40 tickets.
Friends/Cabaret080902_006.jpg (39571 bytes)
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Friends/Cabaret080902_009.jpg (44010 bytes)
Friends/Cabaret080902_010.jpg (45431 bytes)
Friends/Cabaret080902_015.jpg (34049 bytes)
Lesh (who was just happy to make it to dinner at all)
Vijay: "Hmm what stupid accent can I use now?"
The chitchat never ends
Reeba and Lesh
Aren't we the cute couple?
Friends/Cabaret080902_011.jpg (34280 bytes)
Friends/Cabaret080902_012.jpg (55606 bytes)
Friends/Cabaret080902_013.jpg (46662 bytes)
Friends/Cabaret080902_014.jpg (53857 bytes)
Sunil, his phone, and Ranjith
Cool picture opportunity
Vijay, always the rebel

Group photo at @ Studio 54: Pradeesh, Ranjith, Lesh, Num, wonderful me, Reeba, Vijay, Sunil

CAD Summer Outing
August 15th 2002

The Audit Department for NYL treated us all out to a Mets vs. Padres game at Shea. Darn cool, I think. Here are some pictures from the day, which was a lot of fun. Well, except for the stupid Mets losing 5-3.
Friends/CADOuting081502_002.jpg (50545 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_004.jpg (62689 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_005.jpg (52621 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_001.jpg (66416 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_006.jpg (80593 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_007.jpg (65950 bytes)
#7 to Shea. Where's John Rocker? Oliva, Abby, Amy To the Mezzanine! Everyone and my head Shea Stadium. Cool! Mike !
Friends/CADOuting081502_008.jpg (57972 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_009.jpg (77350 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_011.jpg (61630 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_013.jpg (62022 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_014.jpg (83623 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_016.jpg (57133 bytes)
Lynn & Co. Steve Z, Theo, Cat, Russell Amy and her Lemon Chill Stacy, Junny, Patty 3 rows of auditors! John Foote about to become the victim of a conspiracy
Friends/CADOuting081502_017.jpg (55970 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_019.jpg (59950 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_020.jpg (63982 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_021.jpg (61168 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_022.jpg (61125 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_025.jpg (54508 bytes)
Gotcha! Brian, enjoying his handiwork The Asian Connection Cynthia, Janice, Nirka Gary, Maria, Luca Bill, Brian, Mark
Friends/CADOuting081502_026.jpg (57449 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_027.jpg (62509 bytes) Friends/CADOuting081502_028.jpg (81708 bytes)      
Kristen, Regina, Diane above Al and Lorraine The other side....