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Thanksgiving at My Cousin Shiku's House
November 2000

"Ah, the family." Normally, we rotate Thanksgiving at either my aunt and uncle's house (Shiku-Shibu-Shaun's parents) or at my family's home. Now that Shiku bought his new home, we celebrated "Thanksgiving 2000" there.

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Tessen loves dem babies
The uncles...chillin'
My aunt.  So sveeet
Family/Thanksgiving2001_004.jpg (27065 bytes)
Family/Thanksgiving2001_005.jpg (24196 bytes)
Family/Thanksgiving2001_006.jpg (39491 bytes)
My cousin Shaun showing us his puppet skills with Andrew
Andrew with his favorite grandfather
My sister Julie and cousin Shiku
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 Renju and her darling Andrew
The cousins: Shaun, Teran, Tina
The uncles sure do like that couch


Marissa's Baptism

"Dunk the baby!"

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Moving Day
Saturday August 24th 2002

The "big move." I'm sure we'll be moving things over the course of a couple of years, but Saturday was the big official move. Took some pictures. Check out the mover with the mohawk. You know I couldn't resist a picture of that guy.

Family/MovingDay0802_001.jpg (24252 bytes)
Family/MovingDay0802_002.jpg (44414 bytes)
Family/MovingDay0802_003.jpg (16434 bytes)
Family/WesleyHillsHome.jpg (33463 bytes)
Family/MovingDay0802_004.jpg (18056 bytes)
Family/MovingDay0802_005.jpg (28083 bytes)
Family/MovingDay0802_006.jpg (15478 bytes)
This is the new house (Mitsubishi Galant not included.)


Binu's Wedding
Saturday October 5th 2002

Binu is a relative (through marriage) but his family has always been close and nice with us over the years (they moved to Rockland about the same time my family did in the 80's.) My parents still have embarrassing pictures of us kids when we all piled into three cars and drove to Florida (for Disney) in 1984. Oh Binu, why those short shorts! Anyway, that little boy grew up, and he got married to the love of his life....Deena. Some pictures from the happy occasion.

Family/BinuDeena100502_001.jpg (68502 bytes)
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Family/BinuDeena100502_003.jpg (59465 bytes)
Family/BinuDeena100502_004.jpg (75561 bytes)


Dinner with Shibu & Lisa
Sunday October 13th 2002

A family affair? How unusual. Shibu and Lisa invited us over for dinner. Dinner was good, and so was an introduction to the family, but Marissa stole the show (or slideshow. Whatever.)

Family/SLDinner101302_001.jpg (30348 bytes)
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Family/SLDinner101302_003.jpg (43235 bytes)
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Family/SLDinner101302_006.jpg (32219 bytes)
Didn't you know? Babies are cute.
Cheap and easy dessert
Too much energy
See the devious face? I don't even mean Num this time
Lina is shocked and appalled
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Family/SLDinner101302_008.jpg (41117 bytes)
Family/SLDinner101302_009.jpg (39870 bytes)
Family/SLDinner101302_010.jpg (37493 bytes)
Family/SLDinner101302_011.jpg (39969 bytes)
We all love Barney, now don't we?
"Now don't be afraid to get your hands right in there."
Marissa, we all get clueless sometimes
Always curious

Marissa's 2nd Birthday Party
Saturday November 2nd 2002

Marissa's 2nd birthday party at 'Lil Scoops in Rockland. It was fun for all the kids, but the adults did grown-up things, like eating and chit-chatting. I'm just glad to see my relatives some more. Sometimes, I feel disconnected living out in Jersey.

Family/MarissaBDay110202_004.jpg (60544 bytes)
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Family/MarissaBDay110202_002.jpg (40547 bytes)
Family/MarissaBDay110202_003.jpg (53294 bytes)
Family/MarissaBDay110202_005.jpg (66459 bytes)
Family/MarissaBDay110202_006.jpg (60753 bytes)
Yo, nice cake!
Ah, bubble wrap. The gift that keeps on giving.
Shaun Mathew, pimp daddy extraordinaire
A battle of wills
Remember Hot Potato, anyone?
Family/MarissaBDay110202_011.jpg (65008 bytes)
Family/MarissaBDay110202_007.jpg (59310 bytes)
Family/MarissaBDay110202_008.jpg (69335 bytes)
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Family/MarissaBDay110202_010.jpg (50205 bytes)
Family/MarissaBDay110202_012.jpg (63456 bytes)
Hot Potato, down to the wire!
Somebody get this on tape!
The birthday girl
The mothers
Teena & Shaun
My parents
Family/MarissaBDay110202_013.jpg (35647 bytes)
Family/MarissaBDay110202_014.jpg (66213 bytes)
Family/MarissaBDay110202_015.jpg (64809 bytes)
Family/MarissaBDay110202_016.jpg (50014 bytes)
Tessin 'borrowing' Renny's daughter Gabriella
Lisa, Kunjamon, Dad
Darn kids....hurry up.
Shiku, Teena, me