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I never get to spend some time in Chicago. Always running around, or never making it there in the first place. Everyone tells me it's a great place, but....I never get to see it. In March 2004, I scheduled for myself a training class in Chicago. So that I could see a bit of the town, I flew to Chi-town two days early, so I could sightsee and have some fun in Chicago on the weekend. Buddies Paul and Sean drove down and stayed in my hotel room (got the double beds!), and we made a trip out of it.

Saturday was a little walking, then a fabulous dinner at The Chophouse, and an evening at Zentra. Sunday was a trip to the Sears Tower, visiting my old coworkers Dana and Evans (who ended up getting each other!), and capping off the evening with dinner with my relatives Biju and Molly (and their two little rugrats.)

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Sean and Paul
Sean and I, wondering how much farther to the Sears Tower
Chicago Board of Trade
Damn tower. I think it's moving farther away
The view from the Sky Deck
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The view from the Sky Deck
The view from the Sky Deck
The view from the Sky Deck
Sears Tower
Dana & Evans
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Kevin & Molly