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I thought I'd do something really crazy and just fly down to Houston for a regional retreat that the area churches were holding. Why not, right? Besides, I'd get a simple innocent chance to visit friends like:


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I fly into Houston, dinner at someone's house, followed by a game of Taboo. The evening was capped off with some bowling.
Hmm, Taboo
"Oh my, this is hard."
Dennis, thinking about all the money our Taboo champion team is going to win
Somebody screwed up, and Sunil doesn't miss a beat
Shibu psyching out anybody he can
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Sudha, Sheeba, Tessie on the way to some funky bowling
Our scores are so bad, you HAD to laugh
"We've run out of bowling balls, so we're going to use a large avocado."



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The first Regional Youth Retreat in Texas.
Mr. Sunil Jose, professional chaffeur
Hmm, lunch!
The Dreaded Dennis must be all costs!
Check it out! Fruit Pizza!
Justin and Prateesh
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You wouldn't believe how fast they saw the camera. They're pros.
Sheeba: "And our next embarrasing icebreaker is..."
Oh, Punctual Prateesh, you're so silly
Yes, this game was embarrassing.
Bijo, Sunil, Juli, Sudha
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Did you notice that look Dennis and Shibu are giving each other? That's just weird.
We just learned how the game "Mafia" can screw with your brain
Pratheeba, not realizing the game is already over
More Mafia fun
Two of our fearless leaders
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Prateesh, Dennis, Jenny, Pratheeba
When "Mafia" turned sadistic
Me having way too much fun
Camera 1
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Camera 1
Camera 2
On mo' time, please



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Church in the morning, then lunch, then my flight home.
BYOS (Bring Your Own Scrubs)
Uncle and aunty LOVE me.
Enjoying those ribs?
The Dreaded Dennis and Princess Prateesh
Yes, ve are da twins
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Sudha and "Really Cool" Ryan
Sudha, Ryan, Bijo
[Little do they know we have no money]
Bijo and Betsy