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So, I've been to California three times now. Twice for work, and once for leisure. The leisure one was the best, and most fun.

San Francisco

August 2001

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Went to San Fran for training for 2 weeks. When not in training, I did some sightseeing on the weekend, such as Napa/Sonoma valley, and parts of San Fran itself.
 Clock tower on Embarcadero Drive
Pacific Coast Highway.  
Gotta love that fog.
Pacific Coast Highway. 
Gotta love that fog.
 Pacific Coast Highway.
Gotta love that fog.
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Gotta love that fog.
Golden Gate Bridge.  
Gotta love that fog.
Coit Tower and the TransAmerica building.  Gotta love that fog. 
Lombard Street.  
Gotta love...never mind.


California (Los Angeles and San Francisco)

April 2002

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This time around, I had a much better time. Probably because of Num's presence. And in San Francisco, not that much fog!

 The interminable wait at Newark  The famous Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood  I love this shot of Num. Star Wars! How awesome is this?

Ah, Doris Day.

We started by flying into LAX, sightseeing in LA for 3 days, then driving up the Pacific Coast Highway for 2 days, and visiting San Francisco for about 3 days. One crazy, busy, week of vacation.
  Trips/2002/Cali2002_009.jpg (58121 bytes)   Trips/2002/Cali2002_013.jpg (55789 bytes)   Trips/2002/Cali2002_014.jpg (45968 bytes) Trips/2002/Cali2002_015.jpg (56318 bytes) Trips/2002/Cali2002_004.jpg (40735 bytes)
  Star Trek!  How cool!! My comedy idols: Bud Abbott & Lou Costello "....And here we have the Vacation Hat." Santa Monica Pier

I have this island that just came onto the market....

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  Pacific Coast Highway, sans fog this time around Good, good....bad bad! Margie!!! What would a trip be without visiting....
  Trips/2002/Cali2002_005.jpg (69466 bytes) Trips/2002/Cali2002_006.jpg (50548 bytes) Trips/2002/Cali2002_018.jpg (115793 bytes) Trips/2002/Cali2002_019.jpg (41072 bytes) Coit Tower.  Too bad we didn't go to the top.  Well, we walked all the way up here.  You can cut us some slack.
  Did I leave the iron on? TransAmerica building in all its glory  Ah, San Francisco and its beautiful peasant flower girls Ah, it's not tilted. [Umm, uhh.] Drink a V8. You'll feel better.
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  Look Ma! A bridge balancing on my head. Ah, so cute. My prayers were answered: no fog! Finally, the nice panoramic Joel was looking for. I am pleased.