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Found an old photo of the kids and their Dubai cousins

Going through my iPad and I found this photo they took a few years ago when my wife’s cousin & family came to visit the States. They will get to hang out again next week. I hope they’re looking forward … Continue reading

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Joel’s review of Meet the Patels (2014)

Color me pleasantly surprised to find the documentary Meet the Patels (2014) on Netflix this weekend. This is a documentary starring Ravi Patel, and was directed by both Ravi Patel and his sister Geeta Patel. I guess you could call … Continue reading

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NBC’s new comedy “Outsourced” is based on the 2006 indie film “Outsourced”

In the aftermath of the Jay Leno primetime debacle, television network NBC is on the hunt for scripted shows to fill the gaps, and get the network back in the black. One of the shows they have greenlit for the upcoming … Continue reading

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NY Post: Melting Not – Why Young People Like Me Started Dating Within Our Race

An article by Raakhee Mirchandani, a features reporter for the New York Post. I came upon a mention of the article (dated March 14 2009) from Anna John’s HERstory blog, and it took me some time to locate the original … Continue reading

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Indian actress Lisa Ray has Multiple Myeloma

Now this is a strange blast from the past. Try to follow the chronology: 1. Sunday night, I’m browsing through Hulu for the Sept 26th episode of SNL, which I forgot to record before we went away this weekend. While … Continue reading

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Bollywood Hero (2009)

Has anyone caught Bollywood Hero, starring Chris Kattan on IFC? I saw an ad plastered on the side of a NYC bus a few weeks ago, and had thought it was some Indian movie.  Instead, I learned it is a … Continue reading

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