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Recently renovated, I've pulled them from my IE browser, and plopped them here for you. Be thankful, you ungrateful Internet hogs. And stop surfing the Internet from work.

People Stupid Like Me

Leena's Page


Paul Varghese

:+: A N N A :+:

The Extraordinary Cherickel

Entertainment Crap - TV show episode guides

TV Guide - news, tv listings, gossip, etc.

IMDB - Internet Movie Database

E! Online


TV Tome

Crave Online - in-depth DVD news & reviews


All Things Sci-Fi, Dammit!

Trekweb - all things Star Trek

SCI FI Channel - gotta read SCI FI Wire

GateWorld - all things Stargate

Funky like a Funky Cold Medina - clips galore for the video whores

The Crime Library - crime stories on serial killers, the mafia, terrorists, spies, and gangs.

Slate - opinion site


Techy Stuff That Set Joel's Heart A-Flutter


PC World Magazine

PC Magazine

PC Gamer

Phone Scoop - mobile phone previews - in-depth reviews for digital cameras

Financial Stuff No One Cares About



My Favorite Shopping Sites

Best Buy

Barnes & Noble

Crate & Barrel

Brooks Brothers

Stupid, But It Exists. Get Used To It - Transformers news, etc.

Jump the Shark

Angry Alien Productions - love the Bunny movies

The Smoking Gun

The Jerry Seinfeld Dictionary of Terms and Phrases

Superhero Hype! Movie Quotes Section

Useful. Try It. Like It. Send Me Money or Girls.

Fandango - Damn, I'm sorry, but I love those paperbag hand puppets used in the commercials



Urban Dictionary - slang dictionary