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The Ipes have assembled Lego Volton and we are ready to defend the universe

It took us a little longer to get it done than I expected, but I’m happy to announce that we assembled Voltron! Seriously it took us two months on and off to finish building each of the five lions, with … Continue reading

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We renovated our main floor powder room/bathroom (What do you call it?)

In August/September 2018, we used a local contractor to renovate our main floor powder room / bathroom. It’s been annoying us for a long while now — it was very outdated. Due to cost, we opted to keep the tile … Continue reading

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Newest additions to our 1st floor powder room – window shade and floating shelf

Last week after getting home from London, I finally got around to installing the new window shade (no cord) and a floating wall shelf. The wall shelf was surprisingly easy to install. The shade took a lot of measuring and … Continue reading

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New pantry shelves, people. What a time to be alive.

Ever since we had to rebuild our pantry, we’ve been cramped up for space. I don’t know, we never liked the original wire shelving, but the pantry never seemed to have much capacity. Nums finally found some additional shelving. They’re … Continue reading

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I’ve waited about four years for this – functioning backyard patio lights

Does four years seem like a long time? In hindsight, it sure sounds like it. I think it was summer 2015 when I discovered the backyard patio lights didn’t work for a real reason. New house, lots of tasks and … Continue reading

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These stupid horseshoe pits are finally gone

The previous owners of our home were into playing horseshoes. No, you don’t understand. They were really into playing horseshoes. We had these two large horseshoe pits taking up space in our backyard. We have extra horsehoes in the basement … Continue reading

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“Form feet and legs! Form arms and torso! And I’ll form the head!”

The kids started assembling the Voltron Lions this week. I thought I’d be working alongside them but I’ve unfortunately been extremely busy with work. They’re doing a pretty good job on their own. Red and Green lions are done, and … Continue reading

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I’m building a new Plex / media server using a Synology DS918+ and Seagate IronWolf NAS drives

We have a primary media / backup storage model, but I don’t like it. If I had a million bucks, I’d structure things differently. Wouldn’t we all? When you have needs but finite resources… what to do? [Trigger warning – … Continue reading

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After a brief 48 hours, the kids are off (separately) for a week away at camp

In the 48 hours since he returned from Harrisburg, Joshua and Lily had time to watch Ant-Man and the Wasp with me (my 2nd time), attend karate classes, get a haircut, spend family time together, and pack for their next … Continue reading

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Josh spent a week in Harrisburg PA on our church mission trip

The kids have spent the summer home this year so we could save a little money, and limit the hassle of trying to coordinate drop off and pick up of the kids to various camps without being late to the … Continue reading

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