Josh and I helped out at the church car wash to support this year’s youth mission trip

As part of the St. Barnabas Episcopal Church youth group, for the first time, Joshua is going on this year’s youth mission trip in mid-July. They will be traveling to Harrisburg, PA, with other youth to clean, build, etc. To support each mission trip, there are a few fundraising events each year. We helped out on the car wash at the church parking lot, and even brought along Josh’s friend Noah from his Boy Scout Troop to help.

We got there at 9 AM to help set up and learn how to work at the various stations. We had a steady stream of cars come in throughout the day, and we had a break for pizza midday. A number of companies in the area donated gift cards and food to help support the event. Overall, we raised over $700 for the trip. Pretty big success.

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