Last year, we had some of our friends over to celebrate the kids’ March birthdays. Since we hadn’t had folks over in a long while, we invited people over again, since both the kids still had birthdays this year. 😉  We had the party last night, and man, good party! 

Last year, we ordered all the food from a local Indian restaurant, but this year, my wife and I decided to go with a Middle-Eastern theme on the food. She made these two great red bean and baba ganoush dips, as well as meatballs, a shrimp dish, salad, and a this semolina-based cake. We supplemented the dinner with Afghan narange rice, and two different types of chicken kebabs. It was all very delicious.

There was a lot of conversation, drinks, food, and a few rousing games of Jenga. Good times, photos to post later.