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Midwest Roadtrip Day 1 – Cleveland, Ohio

Today is day one of our big trip for the year. Two long-sought objectives: I’ve been wishing for a vacation in Chicago for years to see the sights. We haven’t visited our friends Paul & Biji in Michigan since Nov … Continue reading

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SF Gate: San Francisco’s unluckiest thief

Hilarious. There are unlucky thieves, and then there is Horatio Toure. According to San Francisco police, the 31-year-old city resident rode a bicycle up to a woman Monday afternoon in the South of Market neighborhood, snatched an iPhone out of … Continue reading

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Uploaded May, June, and July 2010 photos

Egads, I’ve been so behind on uploading photos. Without much further adieu…. May 2010 photos — these have been available, but no link. How did I miss that? June 2010 photos — Joshua’s graduation to kindergarten (and the kids’ Spring … Continue reading

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Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)

This “movie” is less a movie, and more of a series of six animated short films. Each short story is in anime style, which reminded me greatly of 2003’s The Animatrix. Each story is in the same universe as the … Continue reading

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My impressions after watching HDTV for two weeks

It’s been two weeks now with the new Panasonic, and we’re well into the 100-hour break-in period. Since this was my dream lusted for so long, it would be prudent to list some thoughts and impressions so far. In no … Continue reading

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New cycling milestone for 2010 – I hit 200 miles

I’m a little behind on my riding time this year, due to some busy weekends.¬†However, let’s be happy for the milestone itself. I rode 26 miles today around central NJ, and hit a nice milestone for the year — 200 … Continue reading

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Sunshine Cleaning (2008)

Friday night, the kids were asleep, and we were browsing the Netflix Watch Instantly queue for something good to watch. We settled on Sunshine Cleaning, a 2008 film starring Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, and Alan Arkin. The film takes place … Continue reading

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Why mass transit isn’t a panacea

I like mass transit a lot, but mostly trains, not buses. However, one problem can cause delays, and you can be really stuck. Case in point: this evening, there’s been some sort of electrical power failure at NY Penn Station, … Continue reading

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Test blogging from the WordPress for BlackBerry application

Found out about the new WordPress forr BlackBerry app now available on RIM’s Appworld store. Downloaded it last night, and I’m writing this test blog entry from the train this morning. Let’s post this now and see what happens. I’m … Continue reading

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One helluva July 4th weekend this year

Happy July 4th, everybody! It was certainly one of the biggest, busiest weekends for us in a long time. I’m not claiming that our engagment weekend or our wedding weekend were not busy, but this was certainly up there. Let’s … Continue reading

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